I don’t like discussing politics or religion, but sometimes some things have to be said.

For anyone wondering why my participation habits on Facebook have changed so drastically in 2021, and beyond, this post is for you.

I have a “love/hate” relationship with Facebook. During 2020, and 2021, my old Facebook account that I had since 2007 was suspended multiple times, and finally permanently banned.


It was over politically related comments that didn’t favor the morons currently occupying the top branches of our U.S. Government.

That is correct, I am a gay man who is not a Biden supporter, or a Democrat. If you aren’t aware, in the mainstream gay community at large, it is the equivalent to being a “non-believer” to Christians who label you as that, to not be on the Democrat side of politics, and make an ass-clown out of yourself, all in the name of fighting for “equal rights”, or to not vote for a Democrat politician for the same reason regardless of that politician’s political history.

It’s against my belief that all Democrats are here to “save” the gay community from bigots who persecute gay men and women based on their “religious” or “conservative” beliefs, just because they are Democrats, and many gay people have that very mindset, and they’ll despise you if you don’t. I also do not believe that all Republicans are “out to get” the gay community, and many of them are supportive in treatment and equality.

I don’t exactly identify as a Republican “conservative” either. I just know that Trump was the first person in political business who made me take notice of politics in ways I’d never cared to before.

I am prior military, having served 6 years in the U.S. Army, and I didn’t even know what POTUS meant until 2016. I had heard the term plenty of times but never bothered to educate myself on what it meant, because I didn’t care about politics much. I still don’t, but I do know that I have never seen a better economy during Trump’s presidency, that I remember paying attention to, and I had never remembered seeing a president who actually seemed to care about the United States like Trump did. I mean seriously, the man hugged our American Flag on live tv.

Anyway, my “love/hate” relationship with Facebook is the aggravation I have over having my account taken from me over political bullshit, by that Biden ass kissing network, who seemingly is bought out by the Democrats, and the fact that out of all the social media networks that I’m aware of, you cannot beat Facebook’s Groups and Pages feature.

The groups and pages are the most useful way I know of for obtaining and exchanging information and social interests on local and abroad levels. With that said, it was a difficult decision to sign up for another account after mine was banned, but I did. There is after all, a lot of emotional involvment in social network participation, and I hated the idea of starting a new account, just to risk later losing it again over something almighty Facebook won’t like that I may say. I did it however so that I could get back to the groups and pages I find useful and interesting, which ironically is where I found myself getting suspended, and banned lol.

So, after signing up for a new account, I’ve made changes in how I “network” on Facebook so that I can keep my sanity, and hopefully reduce another risk of losing my account again.

I use the groups, and pages I love, but I don’t follow many of them in effort to keep my newsfeed at minimum to what is actually important to me. I join them, turn the follow off, and visit them on my own time, and when I actually want to see their content. Any friend connections I have are not followed unless we’re actually good friends, a long time acquaintance, or you are a family member (and I might not turn follow on for all of them either).

Facebook can be a huge world to keep up with, and sometimes it’s just more convenient to go look at a person’s Facebook page if you want to know what he or she is up to anyway, because with Facebook’s algorithm, they may not be showing up in your newsfeed anyway. Therefore I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter if you’re following them or not.

I do approve non-acqaintance friend requests sometimes, however those are definitely unfollowed. I just keep them for any later potential exposure if I post about some content here on this site, or in one of my online stores. If I didn’t know a person to start with, and especially if they live on the other side of the country, I’m not missing anything if I don’t follow them. There is always the chance they may not be following me either.

I try now to refrain from participating in any topics of politics or religion on Facebook, any other social media network, or in my personal life in general. I am not a religious man (can’t say I’m a “non-believer” – but definitely not living in fear or rules of the religiously inclined or indoctrinated), and as long as the gas price stays low, I don’t care how many boogers Biden eats off his chin, or how many times he stumbles down the staircase of Airforce One. I do care however about keeping our borders closed, which was another (main) reason I supported Trump.

On Facebook (and Twitter), I’m learning to take the Dolly Parton approach to politics by what she said in an interview, “Of course I have opinions, but you keep your damn mouth shut if you want to stay in business.” (those may not be her exact words, but close enough).

I also have stopped posting my main content directly to Facebook, except other than through basic announcements, blog posts (another reason for starting this website), and occasional photos that may not be kept on Facebook more than several months (profile photos mostly – to let folks know I’m still alive).

So that’s my deal with Facebook. Now you know.


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TRAINS – Since Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021, I have been on a train kick. It started on Twitter when I decided to follow the #train, #trainspotting, and #railroad hashtags while working on my website, in hopes of seeing some cool train photography. This isn’t the first time I’ve been on a train kick, as I have enjoyed watching train ride videos on YouTube prior, as well as I love taking train photos when I get the chance, but this writing is my first real record of it. Below I would like to highlight some accounts on Twitter, and other links related to Trains that I think are interesting and that I recommend checking out.

William A. Hamlin – @SE_Railfan84 – Truck driver, PRO FREEDOM & train photographer. Be sure to check out his teespring store link. He’s got some nice train themed t-shirts, and hoodies.

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