Photo credit: This photo, by: Sarah Vombrack.

On Monday, November 8th, 2021 @ 3:33 AM CST, I decided to sign up for a blog on Tumblr.

This is a list of blogs I’m following on Tumblr for crafting content. This can be crocheting, knitting, or anything related to making handmade items.

These links are ordered by urls, and not the blog titles.


minigurumi – followed on 2021-11-08-MON @ 4:10 AM CST – https://minigurumi.tumblr.com/


diycrochets – followed on 2021-11-09-TUE @ 12:47 AM CST – https://diycrochets.tumblr.com/


crossstitchworld – followed on 2021-11-08-MON @ 10:16 PM CST – https://crossstitchworld.tumblr.com/


embroiderycrafts – followed on 2021-11-09-TUE @ 3:30 AM CST – https://embroiderycrafts.tumblr.com/


erindrewpotter – followed on 2021-11-09-TUE @ 12:56 AM CST – https://erindrewpotter.tumblr.com/


I can’t thank you enough for browsing my website, and I hope you are enjoying my content. Your support for my work, and my small business is very much appreciated. Please check out my store links below.

DUDECAPZ BEANIE STORE – Do you like handmade crochet and knit beanies and other items? I make one size fits all beanies that are great for adults as well as kids and teenagers. NOTE: I only ship items from my store to addresses within the 48 continental United States. – https://dudecapz.storenvy.com/

MUDPIX OUTDOORS – Do you like to view nature photography and collect photo ebooks? My outdoor photography taken at West Point Lake, and Lake Harding in Alabama and Georgia. – https://mudpix.gumroad.com/


Below you can find some random content that I am featuring in my blog for a limited time period. This content is updated frequently.

TRAINS – Since Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021, I have been on a train kick. It started on Twitter when I decided to follow the #train, #trainspotting, and #railroad hashtags while working on my website, in hopes of seeing some cool train photography. This isn’t the first time I’ve been on a train kick, as I have enjoyed watching train ride videos on YouTube prior, as well as I love taking train photos when I get the chance, but this writing is my first real record of it. Below I would like to highlight some accounts on Twitter, and other links related to Trains that I think are interesting and that I recommend checking out.

William A. Hamlin – @SE_Railfan84 – Truck driver, PRO FREEDOM & train photographer. Be sure to check out his teespring store link. He’s got some nice train themed t-shirts, and hoodies.

See also:

Create with Spring – https://www.spri.ng/

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