Photo credit: This photo, by: Brett Jordan.

This page holds links to websites I visit daily, or at least occasionally when time permits. This page is similar to a blogroll. It is an inside look into where I may be spending my internet time the most when I’m not busy doing tasks for my hat shop. It also provides a personal menu for myself so I don’t have to remember all these sites. Feel free to explore.


  • BIG HUGE LABS – Helping you do cool things with your photos since 2005. – Listed since 2021-11-01-MON @ 1:54 AM CST. – https://bighugelabs.com/
  • BIG HUGE LABS BEAD ART – Turn your photos into super-cool bead art. – Listed since 2021-11-01-MON @ 1:56 AM CST. – https://bighugelabs.com/beads.php
  • RANDOM ART – Enter a picture name, press “Paint”, and watch your random art get made, then submit it to the gallery. – Listed since 2021-08-02-MON @ 7:11 AM CST. – http://www.random-art.org/


  • ZLIBRARY – Ebooks – Listed since 2021-08-07-SAT @ 5:17 AM CST. – https://b-ok.cc/


  • HOW TO RECORD FROM SPOTIFY – This wikiHow teaches you how to record music playing on Spotify using Audacity for personal use only. Audacity is a free audio recording and editing program available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. – Listed since 2021-09-03-FRI @ 10:24 PM CST. – https://www.wikihow.com/Record-from-Spotify


  • DRAAC – Back in the day (and I mean like 1999 back in the day), this was the website I used to learn how to build basic websites when I first got on the internet with a product called WebTV. I’m not sure how relevant it’s html information is by today’s browser standards, and I rarely have any need for using html anymore except for some very basic codes since I started using WordPress, but I still like to visit this site now and then for html refreshers. – Listed since 2021-11-01-MON @ 2:09 AM CST. – http://www.draac.com/



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