Information about my DUDECAPZ BEANIE STORE coming soon. For now, go to the website for information. – https://www.DudeCapz.com/


It’s a long story that I will write hopefully in the near future. For now, just a few sentences. DUDECAPZ BEANIE STORE is not the first hat shop I’ve opened up online. I had a previous one called THE HAT PIT. I closed that shop when I got into photography in 2016. At that point I thought I was done with the knitting and crocheting thing for good. At that point in my life, that had become something I really took back up for business. Years later in 2021, circustances changed. One night I found myself bored. What, me bored? So I left work to go get some food for dinner and make a quick shopping trip to wally world to buy whatever it was I bought that night… plus a ball of yarn and a new crochet hook. I thought “What the hell, why not?”… since I was bored. I went back to work and started making a new hat. Almost instantly I was hooked on the craft again. Now, not only do I make hats for the shop, but I’m working on other products, plus making some things for myself. So there you have it in a nutshell.

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